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1. Competition Nordic Combined in Summer

The first competition of the women as part of the O.P.A Women Summer Tour brought a total triumph of the athletes from Germany. 3x VSC Klingenthal at the top, in between only one combined athlete from Oberstdorf. The women from Austria and Italy had to queue at the back.

  1. HAECKEL Anne – GER (VSC Klingenthal)
  2. HAECKEL Thea – GER (VSC Klingenthal)
  3. EGGENSBERGER Sofia – GER (SC Oberstdorf)
  4. LOH Ronja – GER (VSC Klingenthal)
  5. MENTIL Clara- AUT (SV Villach)
  6. PINZANI Greta – ITA (SCI C.A.I. Monte Lussari A.S.D.)

It looked similar in the Youth I category, which was held in this context. 3 athletes from Germany were at the top. The 4th and 5th place of the participants from Slovakia and the Czech Republic gives hope for the future.

  1. LOH Pia – GER (VSC Klingenthal)
  2. DEUFEL Anna – GER (SV Meßstetten)
  3. SCHLOSSAREK Mara-Jolie – GER (SV Biberau)
  4. KAPUSTIKOVA Kira Maria – SVK (KPSLSK (Klub Priatelov Skoku Na Lyziach)
  5. STEPANKOVA Barbora – CZE (Ski Klub Harrachov)
  6. EICHEL Finja – GER (WSV Brotterode)
Picture Women Youth I

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