Day 2 – Kandersteg: Jerneja wins, Nika takes the lead!

After a long period Emely Torazza, SUI lost her yellow leader BIB to Nika Prevc, SLO. This all happened in the 2nd competition in Kandersteg on Saturday. Both leading ladies have to pay their tribute, but Nika grabs the overall lead with her 3rd Place behind her teammates Jerneja Repinc Zupancic and Nika Vetrih.

TOP 6 Women saturday

  1. Jerneja Repinc Zupancic, SLO
  2. Nika Vetrih, SLO
  3. Nika Prevc, SLO
  4. Lara Logar, SLO
  5. Sina Arnet; SUI
  6. Taja Bodlej, SLO

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