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ONE-TWO-Punch Maxi + Germany back on the podium!

Overall leader Maximilian Ortner, AUT shows his strength again with a double victory in Kandersteg. After his wins in Liberec he is the superior leader in the O.P.A Alpencup ranking. The competitors getting stronger, but Maxi stays cool and get his performance on the point again. Back again after a long period is team germany! Paul Justus Grundmann on position 2 ahead of Marcel Strzinar, SLO.

Picture: TOP 6 sunday

  1. Maxi Ortner, AUT
  2. Paul Justus Grundmann, GER
  3. Marcel Strzinar, SLO
  4. Maksim Bartol, SLO
  5. Dominik Kulmitzer, AUT
  6. Marco Wörgötter, AUT

TOP 6 saturday:

  1. Maxi Ortner, AUT
  2. Mark Hafnar, SLO
  3. Maksim Bartoli, SLO
  4. Marco Wörgötter,  AUT
  5. Simon Steinbeisser, GER
  6. Marcel Strzinar, SLO

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