Pöhla Day 2

After a the amazing evening yesterday the O.P.A. Alpencup Women Summer Tour continues with the 2nd competition in Pöhla. Another day, but once again the same winner: Lilou Zepchi from France. The French team also showed their strength with the 3rd place of Emma Chervet. In between Austrians Meghann Wadsak.

  1. ZEPCHI Lilou – FAR (CS Courchevel)
  2. WADSAK Meghann – AUT (Skisprungclub Wiener Stadtadler)
  3. CHERVET Emma – FRA (CS Chamonix)
  4. EBERLE Joanna – GER (SC Oberstdorf)
  5. FEICHT Christina – GER (WSV Kiefersfelden)
  6. SENONER Anna – ITA (S.C. Gardena Raiffeisen Gherdeina A.D)


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