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Skijumping – new season, first competiton

TOP 6 – Saturday

  1. BARTOLJ Maksim – SLO, Ssk Ilirija
  2. SCHUSTER Jonas – AUT, SV Innsbruck Bergisel
  3. SMID Julijan – AUT, SV Achomitz-Zahomc
  4. SCHMID Emanuel – GER, Wsv Oberaudorf
  5. FUSSENEGGER Andre – AUT, SV Dornbirn
  6. ZAVRSNIK Gorazd – SLO, Ssk Ljubno btc

A long and tricky competition finally comes to an end, but there are no surprises at all. Maksim Bartel, Jonas Schuster and Julian Smid are the TOP 3, that we could expect after the last season of Alpencup. The overall winner of the last season, Maxi Ortner is no longer eligible to start this year, just like the second Mark Hafnar. But it seems to be the next year with the old duel between Austria and Slovenia.

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