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Though fight – new winner!

The „final act“ on a successful weekend in Liberec was the women competition on sunday afternoon. 

The winner comes from Slovenia again, but this time not Nika Prevc, but her teammate Jerneja Repinc Supancic. Nika jumps on rank 2 followed by German Michelle Göbel. Though fighting Emily Torazza, SUI is still in the lead of the OPA Alpencup overall ranking.

TOP 6 – Sunday Women

  1. Jerneja Repinc Zupancic, SLO
  2. Nika Prevc, SLO
  3. Michelle Göbel, GER
  4. Emily Torazza, SUI
  5. Nika Vetrih, SLO
  6. Jerica Jesenko, SLO

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